I love percussion, and have drummed for many workshops and dances over the years. I seriously enjoy teaching drumming to kids and adults.

I also love singing Kecak, a form of Balinese vocal percussion! Below are examples of graphical music notation I whipped up for music workshops I’ve taught on Kecak. Each circle is a part. To use the notation, start the count at 12 o’clock, move clockwise, say “Cha!” for each colored square, and leave silence for each white square.

The outer circle represents the first part:
  Cha – Cha Cha – Cha Cha –
and the second circle in represents part two:
  – Cha – Cha Cha – Cha Cha
which is the same as part one, just shifted one beat forward.

Have fun!




Kecak parts 32×8 purple circles (pdf)




8×4 Kecak C Web (pdf)




8×8 Kecak C Web




8×8 Kecak purple circles (pdf)




8×8 Kecak rainbow circles (pdf)




8×8 Kecak rainbow spiral (pdf)



8x8 Kecak rainbow spiral (pdf)