August 16, 2018

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Examples of Presentation/Writing

To Democratize Publishing! – An Introduction to WordPress, a slideshow to accompany my beginner-level presentation introducing WordPress.

Chicken out: Dispatching Daisy Mae, an example of my writing published on

Music is Love, a poem on how to fall in love by listening to something you do not know.


Examples of Volunteer Work

Working as a volunteer I created a site for our Wine Country Cajun Festival, a fun fundraiser that supports local Rotary Club service programs. I have volunteered to help maintain the Sonoma West Medical Foundation site in support of our newly-reopened hospital here in Sebastopol, and I built the Sonoma West Integrative Health site that features alternative healers working in our local hospital.

I’ve also been a lead developer for the past two years in the fun and satisfying WIMPgives charity hack-athon. In 2014 my team built a site for Wallace House and in 2015 we created Sonoma Valley Dog Owners & Guardians.


Examples of My Music

Me playing bamboo flute, Hindustani style

My Kecak music notation / circle graphs (Balinese Vocal Percussion)

Music director for Buddha’s Birthday Pageant, featuring Annie Hallatt’s wonderful art puppets and masks.

Music director for Hoes Down Nighttime Story Walk

I also love to teach and share about music, especially to explore world rhythms and musical modes.


Community Living

While at Brown University I lived for three years in two very cool co-op houses run by our very own Brown Association for Cooperative Housing.

After college I moved to San Francisco and lived in a very cool cooperative performance and arts space called Studio Valencia where I helped host monthly Performance Salon events/parties.

Eventually my wife Jehanne and I moved to Oakland and helped start up a consensus-based intentional cohousing community called Mariposa Grove where we lived for eight years, helping to create the first limited-equity housing condominiums in the city of Oakland.

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