Music is Love

Music is love. Sounds ephemeral, fine yet physical:
some tickle, some cut, some release,
some bring some unknown.

Ever-changing meticulous wavy shapes,
become electric images in the mind,
open to interpretation, open to desire.

We know. We can. We do.

When we hear a music from a time or place we don’t know, there is this opportunity:
a choice a chance to fall in love!

Letting this music new to us be familiar, being loved it becomes family, one of our familiars.
Understanding, just being around the love the loves the loving of another, we fall in love with that love.
Easily. Pretty much unavoidably.

So. Keep trying, if it pleases!
When you desire to fall in love, seek, listen to something you do not know.

~ Linton
Spring Equinox 2005 (thanks to Sahn)
Fall Equinox 2010 (thanks to Wren)