A Tempt / Shift, composition for flute, strings, piano and tabla

Meeting & Greeting, composition for string ensemble, and 10 improvising soloists

Intent, composition for string quintet, harmonic singer, and 4 improvising soloists

Ok: Acceptance & Integration, Community Music Center Orchestra

Protect and Border and Greet Each Other, composition for reader, singers, strings, and tabla

Offer, for piano, trombone and bamboo flute

Music director for Hoes Down Nighttime Story Walk

Music director for Buddha’s Birthday Pageant, featuring Annie Hallatt’s wonderful art puppets and masks.

Bamboo Flute

Short piece Rag Yaman, Hindustani style

Flute improv on a melody of mine

Flute improv on a melody from Carmina Burana

Flute improv on a melody from Bali

Rock version of traditional Hindustani tune (Rag Yaman in Rupak Tal) with me on bamboo flute

Darina Drapkin’s album Songs of Water, track 7 Ty Reka with me on bamboo flute

Me playing piano and bamboo flute, improv, Bach’s Prelude in C, and some Satie

Some drums I’ve made


I also love to teach and share about music, especially to explore world rhythms and musical modes.

My Kecak music notation / circle graphs (Balinese Vocal Percussion)

Singing Our Musical Rainbow! – Musical Modes Workshop

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