Playing piano and flute

Piano improv 1, on 3 Major Major 7s

Piano improv 2, improv mixing modes and more

Piano improv 3, on 3 Major Major 7s taken elsewhere and back

Piano improv 4, rhythmic

Improv 5, piano and flute, organic

Improv 6, piano and flute, organic

Piano improv 7, on 3 Major Major 7s, slower and swirly

Improv 8, piano and flute, fifth focussed, in 2 with 3

Piano improv 9, out there all over

Erik Satie Gnossiennes 1

Erik Satie Gnossiennes 2

Erik Satie Gnossiennes 3

Erik Satie Gnossiennes 4

Robert Heirendt piano, Linton flute, Phrygian and a bit Balinese

J.S. Bach Prelude in C